Introducing the founders of PeripherAi: Dr Kim & Dr Ole

Kim Nilsson
9 min readMar 28, 2022
Kim Nilsson and Ole Moeller-Nilsson, PeripherAi co-founders. Photo copyright PeripherAi Ltd.

Dr Kim Nilsson (CEO) and Dr Ole Moeller-Nilsson (CTO) met some 17 years ago, when they were both on their first careers; Ole as a post-doctoral fellow and Kim as a PhD student, both in the field of Astrophysics. A chance meeting on a University campus turned into a long-term partnership — in all meanings of the word. Kim and Ole are not just the co-founders of PeripherAi, they are also married.

Having immediately discovered how complementary their skill sets were, they initially partnered on scientific publications, and later Kim hired Ole as the CTO in her first business, Pivigo. But the itch to start something together, as co-founders, was always there. Hence, the dynamic duo are now kicking off PeripherAi, a sales tool to support founders of start-ups to scale their sales functions predictably.

To introduce themselves, Ole and Kim decided to ask each other five questions each.

Kim Nilsson. Photo copyright PeripherAi Ltd

Ole: Well, this is fun! Ok, my first question is why do you want to build PeripherAi?

Kim: Yes, isn’t it? Well, when I ran Pivigo, we supported companies of all sizes and shapes to complete successful data science projects. From delivering over 250 projects, I noticed several trends, challenges, and opportunities. Most companies do not utilise their data well enough, but particularly small businesses struggle with using their data to optimise or improve their business.

Having now spent several months interviewing business owners of SMB’s, I am also struck by how they desperately want to grow sales and revenue over the next couple of years, but also find it difficult to lay the foundations of scalable growth. Part of the problem is that it is very difficult to build a scalable sales process with the fewer resources (money and time) that SMB’s have at their disposal. I think data can help with this, and that is why we are building PeripherAi as a sales tool that is simple, intuitive, and affordable.

Ole: What is it about small businesses? What do you mean by ‘small business’, and why do you care specifically about them?

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