Introducing the founders of PeripherAi: Dr Kim & Dr Ole

Kim Nilsson and Ole Moeller-Nilsson, PeripherAi co-founders. Photo copyright PeripherAi Ltd.

Dr Kim Nilsson (CEO) and Dr Ole Moeller-Nilsson (CTO) met some 17 years ago, when they were both on their first careers; Ole as a post-doctoral fellow and Kim as a PhD student, both in the field of Astrophysics. A chance meeting on a University campus turned into a long-term partnership — in all meanings of the word. Kim and Ole are not just the co-founders of PeripherAi, they are also married.



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Kim Nilsson

Ex-astronomer turned serial entrepreneur. CEO & Co-Founder PeripherAi. Writing about the the things I care about. Host of @FoundersYarn